Kasikas: Puregold CDO Closeup Shots

Puregold has removed the fence at the front portion facing CM Recto/Agora Valenzuela Road, and we get to take a closer look at the facade. Contrary to our previous report, most rentable spaces are not facing outside, but inside the store. With a few exceptions, like some stalls beside the entrance which face outside. The main entrance glass is quite similar to the designs we see in our local malls or shops. Everything is a combination of Green, Yellow and Silver.


IMG_4541 IMG_4542

Most noticable is the use of insulating foam, the third building to use the material since SM City CDO and Centrio.


There will probably be two entrances, as there are two roofed entrances, one at the side and one facing Agora:

IMG_4551 IMG_4554 IMG_4556

The future is so bright for CM Recto:


Customers of Limketkai Luxe Hotel and Gateway Park are greeted by this colorful wall:

pano-pg1 pano-pg2