NOW OPEN: McDonald’s Limketkai

McDonalds Limketkai was closed for renovation earlier this year. It has just reopened, welcoming new and old customers to the spanking new store design.

McDonald’s Limketkai has reopened yesterday with a brand new ambiance. The first 100 customers had free burgers.

It was in 1992 that McDonald’s Limketkai opened its door to Cagayan de Oro coded as McDo 044. The photo below shows McDo’s billboard way back in the 90s.

mcdo lkk

Here are more photos of the store opening.

IMG_4497 IMG_4499 IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4503 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4506 IMG_4507 IMG_4508 IMG_4509

Kids and moms will be glad to find that the PlayPlace is still there, but the playsets have been replaced with new ones.

IMG_4510 IMG_4511 IMG_4512

Personally, the interiors felt a little smaller compared to the old layout, as the counters have been moved closer to the main entrance and the windows beside the drive through has been sealed. But the new space, previously the alfresco area, has been converted into airconditioned event areas, which party patrons will find more exclusive and personal. It has also made up for the lost space of the front area.

IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4515 IMG_4516 IMG_4517 IMG_4518 IMG_4519

The two event areas can be joined into one with a retractable partition.

IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4520 IMG_4521  IMG_4525 IMG_4528 IMG_4529

Photo credits to Limketkai and Kagay-an Kaniadto