Kasikas: Masterplan of the Cagayan de Oro Megadike Project

We have seen and featured pictures of the ongoing construction of the River dike at City Hall, extending to Paseo del Rio. Cagayan de Oro Info Network has posted updates showing the extent of the proposed project, based off the feasibility studies conducted by DPWH Flood Risk Management Project for Cagayan de Oro River (FRIMP-CDOR) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The project is still under study, continually reviewing the flood risk and assessing the requirements, including the relocation of high risk residents. The meeting was attended by Mayor Oscar Moreno, Cong. Rufus Rodriguez, and leaders of the barangays that will be affected by this project.

The project will span the entire CDO Riverside, from Macabalan/Bonbon up to Balulang. In this chart, the yellow lines represent the phase that will be constructed by JICA, and the blue line by the DPWH. Note that it will completely cut off sandbars, most notably Isla de Oro and Cala-cala, areas washed away by TS Washi (Sendong).

Houses along the riverside will be assessed for flood risk, and residents living in Level 4  houses will be relocated to the city’s existing relocation sites. Some sites are also considered, being natural retarding basins in case of flooding.

With the city subjected to typhoons since Sendong, not to mention typhoons getting stronger, this project is more necessary than ever to protect the Kagay-anons.

Images from Cagayan de Oro Info Network via red_archer of skyscrapercity.com