Kasikas: A Tour of the Movements at CM Recto/Limketkai Area

Happy weekend everyone! Let’s take a quick tour, a recap as you may, of the construction activities around the very busy CM Recto/Lapasan Avenue. First off, we have Coca Cola Plant Demolition. At close range, it looks like there are still tons of debris waiting to be hauled away.

DSC01150 DSC01152 DSC01155 DSC01154

A few meters away stands the MUST Engineering Building. The 8 and 5 storey building is almost topping off, as seen in our previous article.

DSC01191 DSC01193

Right in front is the Gateway Park, slowly taking shape , the next alfresco dining destination of the city. Today, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Limketkai is being constructed, and the Shakey’s parking lot is extended, to make way for the numerous patrons expected for the opening of Limketkai Luxe Hotel.

DSC01184 DSC01178 DSC01179

Speaking of Limketkai Luxe, the hotel facade is now cladded in subdued gold aluminum cladding, which gives it a more regal look than before.


The fence surrounding the second (upcoming) tower is also cleared out, and will probably be developed to compliment the hotel, or maybe just an extension/extra lane for the existing avenue.


They also added a glass doorway on the edge of the Gateway Tower 2nd floor hall, which will probably serve as another entrance to the hotel.


McDonalds Limketkai (044) is looking good. The wood elements are being installed and general painting and interior works are being done.


Beside McDonalds, protective films are being stripped away to reveal the green cladding of the most awaited Krispy Kreme Limketkai CDO Branch. The drive-thru will pass beside Ramen Tei, with the vehicle entrance just a few meters from the McDonalds Drive-thru entrance.


DSC01200 DSC01201

The parking space just beside the East Canopy/fronting the East Concourse entrance is now being reconstructed with a new layout. (We are secretly hoping this will be developed into some garden/greenbelt, which we are sure a lot of Kagay-anons would love)


In front of the parking lot, the Shopwise sign is artfully obscured by trees.


Progress is seen at the upcoming Fully Booked branch, just beside the East Canopy, opposite the parking lot, and right behind Starbucks Coffee.


Inside the mall, formerly occupied by Plaza Fair, Robinsons Department Store and Supermarket are rushing to finish the bigger store. The Department Store on the second floor will probably be stripped down, while the Supermarket (formerly Big R) will remain, with the new one catering to a more high end market.

IMG_4237 IMG_4236

Which one of these upcoming developments are you most excited to see? Hit us in the comments below. Happy long weekend! And remember to be responsible voters on Monday šŸ™‚