Cagayan de Oro’s Love for Reggae

Cagayan de Oro, being a melting pot of Northern Mindanao, is home to a multitude of people. Kagay-anons have varying tastes of music and the arts in general, with some indulging on the classics, or in classical, 18th century material, some love heavy metal, or slow rock, some go mainstream, while others enjoy the music of underground artists. One particular genre brings a lot of Kagay-anons together though, and we regularly hear influences of reggae in mall shows, mini concerts, adventure trips (being home to premier water rafting adventure brings in a lot of reggae lovers), and just about anywhere in the city.

This photo sums it up. This mural (and this house) is located just across Karomata, formerly Consuelo at Corrales Street.

Who here loves reggae? Spread the love in the comments below 🙂


Photo by Vincent Tom Udasco