A Hazy Cagayan de Oro

Here are recent shots of Cagayan de Oro’s skyline. Shown in these four shots are night shots of the central and western portions of the city. Clearly, it is bursting with life. The shots beautifully illustrate the distant sparkle and the rush of vehicles heading home.

While bustling with urbanity, the city is experiencing the negative effects as well, including the haze of smoke and fog hovering over the city. The number of vehicles plying our streets are growing, and so does the pollution they produce. To borrow the words of a friend, “It takes a concerted effort from both public and private sectors to minimize carbon footprint but the government has to start the initiative. Cagayan de Oro needs to take urban planning really seriously.” We couldn’t agree more. We sincerely hope Hapsay could take on this. 🙂

IMG_0446 IMG_0443 IMG_0444

Photos by Vincent Tom Udasco Photography.