Kasikas: Gaston Park Redevelopment, Du-aw Park/DPWH River Dike

The Gaston Park is now undergoing a major face lift. Concrete is poured all over while trees are spared spaces. The development is almost halfway, and with the looks of it, it will follow the same signature design as with the Provincial Capitol’s De Lara Park, and with Balingasag’s seaside park. Here’s to wishful thinking of a seaside park for our city, or for improvements on the signature Gaston Park fountain 🙂


Meanwhile, the Du-aw Park development project ground to a screeching halt as DPWH has begun the opposite side of the River Dike project. Steel bars are now being drilled down, and from the looks of it, a large amount of the park will be chipped away.

IMG_3973 IMG_3975

The river dike opposite city hall (COA/Vamenta/Acacia):

IMG_3976 IMG_3977

From the looks of it, the river dike will level with the height of the COA side dike.