Paghulagway: Kagay-anon Ballerina Project

Cagayan de Oro itself is a piece of art. Only that many of us do not appreciate or simply ignores its beauty.

Fortunately, there are Kagayanons  who can capture Cagayan de Oro embodied with musical and choreographic images. These clear and vivid shots are just samples of Vincent Tom Udasco’s Kagay-anon Ballerina Project.

Tom has featured a proudly Kagayanon ballerina Karissa Grace R. Falcon taken at different landmarks in the City of Golden Friendship. These pictures possess the elements of ballet which require gymnastics, acrobatics, elegance, and flexibility. These impressive traits represent Cagayan de Oro that has never been tarnished with natural calamities like Sendong and any forms of terrorism because Kagayanons have a deep sense of flexibility and resiliency that runs through their arteries and veins.

Kagay-anon Ballerina Project by Vincent Tom Udasco… tsada gyud!