Daryl Jade Garciano and Danica Tacbas are Mr. & Ms. MUST 2013

Beauty and charisma took center stage last night at the Mr. & Ms. MUST 2013. In line with the University Intramural events, different colleges, including extension campuses at Jasaan, Panaon, and Oroquieta, join in to find the students worthy of representing the university.

Among the 26 contestants, Contestant #6 Daryl Jade Garciano (CPSEM) was proclaimed Mr. MUST 2013, while Contestant #5 Danica Tacbas (CEA) got the Ms. MUST 2013 crown. #12 Christian Gesta (CPSEM) and  #6 Glorianne Dane Dumigpe (CAS) meanwhile got the Mr. & Ms. Intramurals award, and #9 Joshua Aban (CEA) and #11 Maria Florence Gutierrez (CPSEM) got the Mr. & Ms. Trailblazer award. #11 Justine Leigh Ua-o (CEA) and #1 Maria Isabella Mangmang (CEA) were 1st runners up, while Mr. 2nd Runners-Up were #4 Jason Lagria (CEA) and #7 Mary Jane Tam (CIIT). Of course, these awardees were the top 5 contenders.

Here are the winners for special awards:

Mr. Natasha: #6: Daryl Jade Garciano (CPSEM)
Miss Natasha: #5: Danica Tacbas (CEA)
Mr. Dunkin Donuts: #1 Erlon Erl Casiño (CPSEM)
Miss Dunkin Donuts: #6 Glorianne Dane Dumigpe (CAS)
Mr. Darling of the Press: #12 Christian Ian Gesta (CPSEM)
Miss Darling of the Press: #5 Danica Tacbas (CEA)
Mr. Voter’s Choice: #1 Erlon Casiño (CPSEM)
Miss Voter’s Choice: #13 Sherelyn Cañada (CPSEM)
Mr. Talent: #6: Daryl Jade Garciano (CPSEM)
Miss Talent: #2: Noraisah Utara (CPSEM)
Mr. Congeniality: #13 (CIIT)
Miss Congeniality: #3 Charlene Ravidas (CAS)
Mr. Photogenic: #3 Arnold Villanueva (CAS)
Miss Photogenic: #10 Crystil Valdon (Jasaan)
Mr. Concept Attire: #5 Roberto Ludeña (CAS)
Miss Concept Attire: #3 Charlene Ravidas (CAS)
Mr. Sports Attire: #6 Daryl Jade Garcian (CPSEM)
Miss Sports Attire: #3 Charlene Ravidas (CAS)
Mr. School Uniform: #9 Joshua Aban (CEA)
Miss School Uniform: #6 Glorianne Dane Dumigpe (CAS)
Mr. Regional Festival Attire: #9 Joshua Aban (CEA)
Miss Regional Festival Attire: #6: Glorianne Dane Dumigpe
Mr. Swimwear: #9 Joshua Aban (CEA)
Miss Swimwear: #3 Charlene Ravidas (CAS)
Mr. Barong: #13 (CIIT)
Miss Terno: #10 Crystil Valdon (Jasaan)

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Photo by Manuel A. Claudel Photography. Special thanks to Ms. Mikee Fazel