The girl that rocked XU Ruby Olympics

She opened Xavier University’s Ruby Olympics with a bang! This girl can sing, move, and shake. Her presence was infectious and yes indeed, she gave justice to Beyonce’s  “Run the world.” With that extremely hot performance, no doubt that girls run the world. Kagayanons, meet Muriel E. Lomadilla. She was one of the grand finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3.

Born on October 6, 1994 in San Pedro, Laguna, Muriel is half Nigerian and half Filipina. But she is one of the many Filipino kids with a single parent. Muriel grew up with only her mother consistently by her side that she considers her best friend and inspiration. Since birth, she has not seen her Nigerian dad.

Educational Background

This fierce young woman finished elementary at Fisher Valley Academy here in Cagayan de Oro. They then transferred residence and spent high school at Nissi Academy International in Cebu. Currently, Muriel is a third year BS Psychology student at Xavier University.

Where it all started….

This potential diva started singing at the age of four. “While watching TV, ga awat-awaton nako ang mga singers and pakantahon pod ko ni mama if naay bisita.” As a kid, she always sang “Greatest love of All.” And according to her, she inherited her love in music from her mom who is also a singer.

Muriel’s favourites

If there is that diva that she would like to perform with on stage, it is her all time favourite… Beyonce.  She also like Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, and Charice. For songs, her top picks are “If I were a boy” and “Stand up for Love” by Destiny’s Child.

From Macanhan to Pilipinas Got Talent

Muriel was 11 years old when she joined a singing contest for the first time. Actually, it was unplanned. It was a singing contest in Barangay Macanhan and initially she just went there to support her cousin who was one of the contestants. Surprisingly, her cousin decided to quit. “Ni back-out akong cousin so nipuli ra ko.” After she delivered her song, they immediately left that is why until now the question remains if she won that contest or got forfeited. After that, Muriel had not joined any singing contests. Not until she decided to audition for Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3. And out of thousandths of people who tried, who would have thought that Muriel would emerge as one of the grand finalists of ABS-CBN’s Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3.

Typical Xavier student

Even though Muriel was one of the grand finalists of PGT Season 3, she has remained humble and a typical XU student that you see around especially in Divisoria enjoying the company of good friends. They love to hang-out at McDonald’s Xavier, Chingketea, and XU benches. “Naay mga times na ma recognize ko sa gawas as a PGT contestant. Then pag pa enrol nako dinhi sa Xavier, naa gyud nagpa autograph. Flattered lang ko kay dugay na baya to pero naka remember pa gihapon sila.”

Message for her dad

Although Muriel feels so blessed with a loving mom and grandparents but there are times when she still envies other kids with a complete family. “Naa man ako lolo and lola but dili malikayan na masuya ko sa uban kids but I continue living life. Bisan kulang dapat thankful gihapon ko kang Lord sa family na nagmahal nako karon.”

Muriel still wishes to see her dad one day. And here is her message for him. “Hi! Dako na ko. I hope na na wherever you are, healthy gihapon ka. I hope na makit-an ko nimo and ma proud ka nako.”

As a BS Psychology student, Muriel envisions herself one day working in a guidance counselling office, reaching out to people. She may have been lacking someone significant but that did not stop her from living life to the fullest. Facing the odds is like performing in a huge crowd. As soon as the spotlight is at you, all you have to do is grip your microphone, stand tall, look straight, and perform like there is no more tomorrow.

Muriel E. Lomadilla… the diva that rocked Xavier University Ruby Olympics.


Photo by Tsadagyud’s Kim D. Zaldivar