Krispy Kreme Limketkai opens Second Week of November

If you are as excited as we are, we only have a couple more weeks to wait. Krispy Kreme Limketkai CDO will open on the second week of November.

Krispy Kreme Philippines has invited the CDO Bloggers for a pre-opening get together. Mr. Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager and Ms. Nadia Lee Shami, Asst Marketing Manager for VisMin, had revealed a few things for us:

Super Awesome Promos. 1st person in line gets 1 year supply of doughnuts. 2nd person in line gets 6 months supply. 3rd person gets 3 months supply, 4th to 100th person gets 1 month supply (each week he/she gets 1 dozen). Aside from this, they have “more exciting surprises” in store.
The Complete Package. Krispy Kreme will bring the same fun experience to CDO. It is a drive through (5th in Asia-Pacific Region), factory outlet store, which means it has a Hotlight which means, they bake fresh hot doughnuts and we get to taste them firsthand. We get to try the #melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts!
Longer Store Hours. Because of its outside location, Krispy Kreme will open from 6AM to 11PM on weekdays, and 6AM to 1AM on weekends. Hurray for late dining!
Striving for a Local Brand. They will hire local Kagay-anons to man the store, to make the experience be more close at home.
Reaching out. Krispy Kreme strives to put a smile to everyone, especially those who need most care. They have given doughnuts and coffee to victims of different calamities, and they are planning to reach out to Zamboanga as well.
Socially Active. Krispy Kreme PH is actively participating in social media. They are encouraging us Krispy Kreme lovers to share our special stories with the hashtag #KrispyKremeCDO. They are also regularly monitoring these tweets. (Who knows, they might give special treats for the extra special tweets they get 🙂 )
Mr. Mark and Ms. Nadia emphasizes that Krispy Kreme Philippines is just as hyped up and as excited as the Kagay-anons who have been clamoring for it. They explained that they had to find the perfect spot to open a branch, and believe that a stand alone, drive through factory outlet at Limketkai Center is just the right pick. It is worth the wait after all.

Mr. Mark Gamboa and Ms. Nadia Lee Shami

Miss Nadia is a beauty queen, Bb. Pilipinas International 2007.

The gang hold up their original glazed doughnuts, the smiles and eyes all up in anticipation 🙂
They are bringing to Cagayan de Oro their full menu, including these latest additions, the Premium Chocolate Collection:
A huge shout out goes to the Limketkai Group for finally making all of our dreams come true! Kudos!


Krispy Kreme Product Shots grabbed from Krispy Kreme PH Facebook Page.