Presenting: CDO Towers Sequel by Avida Land

Here is the perspective of another vertical residential project of Ayala’s Avida Land in Cagayan de Oro . Although there are information spreading online that its name is Aspira, per Tsadagyud’s source, it is not yet definite. As brokers and sellers, they are advised to use CDO Towers Sequel as of now until further notice. These high-rise residential towers will rise in Corrales Avenue, at the former location of Vacation Hotel.

Tsadagyud’s source said the turnover of units to the owners will be on March 2017. The floor area  is 23 sqm to 89 sqm. Prices fall from 2 million pesos to 8.7 million. CDO Towers Sequel will have a modern contemporary look in earth colors with resort like amenities. Tower one will have 27 levels while tower 2 is 31 levels. A total of 636 residential units will be made available. The ground floors will have retail shops and of course the tower lobbies.

CDO Towers Sequel is designed to have 40 percent open spaces with greenery. Its target market are young professionals, married couples, and those who belong to income class B and C.

Photo credit to the owner.