The unmoved “Gaisano Mall”

The big three (Ayala, SM, and Robinsons) are already here. Limketkai has also been very aggressive with its expansion. But, I have observed that there is this mall in CM Recto that appears unaffected… Gaisano Mall. I may be wrong, though.

Their supermarket is undeniably the busiest among the malls. Cashiers and packers are so engrossed attending to customers in full grocery carts. I attempted to shop here one time last December but opted to let go of my cart because I was already having vertigo seeing a lot of people cramped in one grocery store. Well, people say that they are cheaper. Out of curiosity, I went there last week to buy just one item (Tropicana Buko Juice) to satisfy my thirst. I was surprised to see that it is only P28.70 compared to the P30.00 of my favorite supermarket in the city.

I went upstairs, their department store is still in demand. A friend of mine told me that shoppers like her are enticed to buy there because they offer bigger points of their “Suki Club” card for any item bought from their cosmetics section and department store.

Lastly, watching a movie at Gaisano Mall is something that I had not done for the past few years. Not until we watched World War Z there last June. I had this peculiar feeling when I entered their cinema lobby. Seeing tentacles of rods of their seemingly dilapidated ceiling made me feel hesitant and uncomfortable. Me and my friends thought that only few were watching. We were wrong. Seats were still filled with a decent number of people, mostly groups of students. Well, where can you buy a movie house ticket for only P90? That’s why….

After observing all these, questions popped into my mind. Why do some businesses remain successful and in demand for decades while the others fail?  Is it because they are cheaper? And why do some businesses offer cheaper prices and bigger bonuses without losing profit? Lots of stores in Cagayan de Oro were successful for a short period of time and unable to survive the tight market forces causing their demise. Is there a secret formula?

Photo by Mike Sivintin