Motorela brings Cagayan de Oro to Singapore

Seven pesos, that is all you need to ride a “motorela” going to your destination here in Cagayan de Oro. It can accommodate a maximum of seven people. It plays an important role to Cagayan de Oro’s economy through the decades and has carved a story to every Kagayanon’s heart….

This October, seven Kagayanon artists will bring Cagayan de Oro’s motorela to the world in Singapore’s Biennale Exhibit 2013. This project is led by Oscar Esteban Floirendo together with Nicholas Aca Jr., Errol Balcos, Michael Bacol, Michelle Hollanes, Jericho Vamenta and Ma. Rosalie Zerrudo.

Oscar Floirendo is the son of motorela inventor in the 1960’s, Rafael Floirendo. Since then, the motorela has been the iconic mode of transport in the urban streets of Cagayan de Oro replacing the tartanila.

After experiencing the devastation of typhoon Sendong, Oscar had turned to his father’s motorela as a source of therapy. Together with other six renowned Oro artists, they came up with the idea of creating a motorela replica into a piece of art as a symbol of the people of Cagayan de Oro.

Reflected in the details of the motorela are the emotions and frustrations felt by Kagayanons after Sendong destroyed the city and took thousandths of lives. It also highlights the drawing of Sendong children survivors.

The motorela is already on its way to Singapore. It is an emblem of our hopes, aspirations, and resiliency as one Kagayanon community, summarized in the title… “Siete Pesos.”

Photo by Singapore Art Museum

Source of information: Mark Francisco