Litrato: Higalas Parade of Icons

In a new twist to the Kagay-an Festival parades, Higalas (Friends) introduced giant icons of religious, cultural, and important figures in homage to the city’s glorious past and rich heritage. The parade consists of the Band/Drum and Lyre, Military Civic, Organizations parade, interlaced with the Icons. The parade started at Rodelsa Circle, pausing at the Kiosko Kagawasan for the presentation, then ended at the Limketkai East Canopy, in front of the East Concourse.

DSC09981 DSC09971 DSC09962 DSC09953 DSC09950 DSC09941 DSC09939 DSC09925 DSC09923 DSC09917 DSC09910 DSC09903 DSC09879 DSC09876 DSC09875 DSC00281 DSC00226 DSC00210 DSC00205 DSC00199 DSC00179 DSC00159 DSC00145 DSC00128 DSC00120 DSC00071 DSC00050 DSC00018 DSC09982


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