Where is Du-aw Park?

Du-aw Kagay-an Park or Duaw Cagayan Park, is a riverside park located right under Ysalina Bridge and beside Golden Friendship Tennis Court. It connects to the side of City Hall.

It was established in August 1987 under the leadership of former Mayor Ambing Magtajas, with the help of 120 Kagay-anons from the US and Canada. These 120 returnees made their journey back to the city after self-exile from the defunct Martial Law, and the Marcos regime. Thus it is named “Duaw Park” after these exiles went back to the city for a Du-aw (Visit).


Roy and Gerlou Gaane with former Mayor Ambing Magtajas at Du-aw Park in 1987

Although this was made an official park in that year, different accounts state that this part of the city has long been a strolling place. A family recounts their stroll in the late 70s with this picture: “benches were available for people to sit on, in this picture, the kids were told to look at the [Ysalina] bridge (tan-aw sa tulay! tan-aw sa tulay!)”


Here is where Duaw Park is located, On Google Maps:

[SOURCE: Overseas Kagay-anons…]