Miss CdeO 2013 Candidate’s Profile: Karissa Grace R. Falcon

Candidate number seven is Karissa Grace R. Falcon representing Barangay Carmen. This 20 year old gorgeous lady stands five feet five inches tall with a weight of 54 kilograms. Her zodiac sign is cancer and was born on July 3, 1992. She graduated Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at Xavier University. Karissa’s parents are Louie Raymond G. Falcon and Josephine Gloria R. Falcon. At a very young age, she was already exposed to beauty contests. In fact, she was crowned Binibining Palarong Pambansa.

What motivated you to join Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013?

 It was my intense desire to make a difference not only in my life and of my family but also in this city as well. I see that joining this competition gives me that opportunity to change my desires from simple words into actions that can benefit the people I love and the people that surround me.

Who do you look up to as your role model and why?

 My mom is the best role model that I have. She showcases all the attributes that I believe a woman should have, humility, hard work, discipline, compassion, and most of all, a strong faith in God.

 What endearing qualities you have which is unique about you?

 I believe that it is my passion that makes me unique among the others. My passion is what drives me to accomplish things even when people say I cannot. It is this passion that makes me continue dreaming that one day, I can make a difference.

What makes Cagayan de oro the most beautiful city for you?

 This is the city where it all started; this is my birthplace, my home. I believe that Cagayan de Oro is the “go to” city wherein dreams are within reach. This city has everything to offer, from good education, a good investment for businesses, all the way to the wondrous adventures one can experience when going on a trip to see the sights. The beauty that this city has is incomparable!

 If crowned Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013, how will you make your reign memorable?


 When I am crowned Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013, I will take that opportunity to make my ideas realized especially on the one that I have my focus on – to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters that we have living on the sidewalks of our city. I want to be able to lessen the number of children that are sleeping on the streets and give them activities that can help them grow as individuals such as quarterly sports fests or dance workshops that can inculcate in them discipline, hard work and determination to have a better perception in life.

What are the top 3 problems of cagayan de oro that needs to be addressed right away by the new City Mayor Oca Moreno?

First, is unemployment of our young adults today, second, are issues concerning the environment; more on the cleanliness of our city and the proper placements of a variety of vendors that occupy public streets that would cause traffic congestion and the third, is the growing number of people that sleep in the streets or poverty alleviation which is the first point in the 8-point agenda of Mayor Oscar Moreno.

What do you dream to become someday?

I want to become an advocate that uses dance as a medium for change. Seeing that dance is very influential, it can help foster in the youth of today a variety of values such as discipline and passion for the arts that can help them have a better outlook in life.

 Featured Photo by Dense Modesto, other photos from Karissa’s Facebook Page