Miss CdeO 2013 Candidate’s Profile: Lyciel Mae R. Mabalo

Candidate number 2 is Miss Lyciel Mae R. Mabalo, 21 years old representing Barangay 26.  Born on December 4, 1991 in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, Lyciel is stunning with her height of five feet seven inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms. She is currently a fourth year student at Capitol University taking Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. Her proud parents are Celestino M. Mabalo, a construction worker and Emily R. Mabalo, a loving housewife. She was crowned Miss Laguindingan 2012.

 What motivated you to join Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013?

 To be an influence. I love doing community immersion and extension so with this, I want to influence people especially the youth to have the same passion as mine not to the point that I’ll pushing it to their mouths, but actually I want to connect it to their hearts. I want them to realize, just like me, that even if I or we have nothing abundant (financially for instance), still, we are blessed and we can extend any service as possible as we can, if we will just give time to roam around and be sensitive with others.

Who do you look up to as your role model and why?

Mary Kay Ash, the America’s Most Dynamic Businesswoman. I chose her because someday, I want to be like her, a businesswoman whose heart is not just merely on maximizing the profit of her business but rather on helping others achieve their success.  I also want to follow her footstep which is to encourage the women to step out of their “comfort zones” and use their God-given talents and abilities. To help the women realize that God did not have time to make a nobody, just a somebody

What endearing qualities you have which is unique about you?

 My being friendly & being able to smile even in times of hardships.

What makes Cagayan de Oro the most beautiful city for you?

 From the tag line of our city itself which is the “City of Golden Friendship”, I believe, Kagay-anons’ being friendly and accommodating are two of the qualities why this city is the most beautiful for me.

If crowned Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013, how will you make your reign memorable?

 Having the title Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2013, for sure I will be able to use this to influence people to coordinate with me in making a step towards change through community extension activities. For instance, I will gather young professionals & we’ll form an organization wherein our goal is to help the women earn through livelihood programs. Like, we will ask for financial assistance from people that have a compassionate heart to help so that, those help will serve as our good foundation to buy a sewing machine (for instance) if we will go for dress making livelihood skills training program.

What are the top 3 problems of cagayan de oro that needs to be addressed right away by the new City Mayor Oca Moreno?

Traffic Congestion and City.Health (e.g. JR Borja Hospital’s current situation which we lack Medicines and facilities to cater the patients in our city.) Sidewalk Vendors which is one of the reasons of my #1 problem, the traffic congestion.

What do you dream to become someday?

 I always wanted to become a successful businesswoman. A businesswoman whose company is stable (in all aspects of business), big and has several branches so that I can help people by offering job opportunities. A successful businesswoman who is not selfish but selfless, helpful not obstructive and humble instead of being an arrogant. A businesswoman whose heart is in helping others no matter what I will achieve in life and that despite of all the achievements, I can still remember God and be grateful to Him for everything.

Featured Photo by Dense Modesto, Other photos from Lyciel’s Facebook Page