Zoom in: Tune Hotel Cagayan de Oro (Batch 2 Photos)

Here’s our second batch of photos of our tour at Tune Hotel Cagayan de Oro. Let us get inside in one of Tune’s guest rooms….

Tune Hotel has made sure that your valuables are safe. Each room has a security box.

Wait, they also have furniture items like this one where you could detach anytime for your laptop.

Each guest can view the latest news or watch their favorite TV shows through the flat screen tv mounted on the wall.

Let us check their bathroom.

Guests are provided with towels and blow dryer. 

Anybody could have a very refreshing bath with their rain shower system.

That’s it Kagayanons! We will post our last batch of photos of their other facilities and amenities tomorrow. Thank you for visiting Tsada Gyud!