Laguindingan Airport to accommodate night flights in October?

I saw a post in a forum that says that Laguindingan Airport might have night flights sooner than we expect as he tried booking a flight (Cagayan de Oro to Manila) for an October trip through Philippine Airlines and it appeared that the last flight leaves Laguindingan at 9:05 pm.

Well, I tried booking at PAL’s website on different schedules from July to October. And yes, I found out that starting October 27 this year, their last flight has an estimated time of departure from Laguindingan Airport of 9:05 pm and will arrive in Manila at 10:35 pm. And at the bottom part of the table, it says that this flight will be operated by another airline. The rest of the flights are operated by PAL Express. Will this be operated by Philippine Airlines? But it does not have the Mabuhay Business Class Seats.

Prior to October 27 2013, PAL’s last flight bound for Manila from Laguindingan Airport leaves at 5:10 pm. We are aware that as of the present, Laguindingan Airport is still operating under visual flight rules and it can not accommodate night flights yet until navigational equipment is completely installed in May 2014.

So, how come that Philippine Airlines have evening flights going to and from Laguindingan Airport starting October 27? Does it mean that installation of navigational equipment is way ahead than scheduled?