Why are they always at the PEAK?

“If you include your family in your dreams then it will happen, even more.” This is a statement made by a lecturer of Peak Excellence Training Academy and Review Center that touched the heart of Miss Ivy Jean Baya, 5th place of the June 2013 Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE).

You may be contemplating right now where to enrol in preparation for your licensure examination. Well, here is my conversation with June 2013 NLE 5th placer Ivy Jean C. Baya and 10th placer Carmelle Phoebe Lagura. Both of them are graduates of Xavier University and reviewed at Peak Excellence Training Academy and Review Center. We will know from them why Peak Review Center is always on top.

What kind of students were you at Xavier?

Ivy: Modesty aside, akong mga friends and mga batchmates nako ga expect na gyud sila. I remember sa kadtong third year, we had this list of results sa mga exams. Naay once that I placed top one, sukad adto, ga expect na gyud sila sa akoa. And it brought a lot of pressure. But although in-ana ilang pagtanaw sa ako, I always felt ordinary lang gyud. There are some people na molabaw gyud so I always felt na naa I am just in the middle.

Phoebe: Ako kay typical lang na student. Di pod ingon na bugok, di pod in-ana ka maayo. Although, gaka dean’s list but I was not consistent. My aim was just na my grades will not go lower than C.

Did you expect that you will become topnotchers?

Ivy: Specifically, I was hoping. It’s a different thing sa ga expect. Gi welcome gihapon nako ang possibility na pwede dili. To think ang uban nag top but six months sila nag review. Ako na less than two months lang and I was competing with other big schools of nursing. I was prepared exactly whatever result ang mogawas.

Phoebe: Ako kay the same kang Ivy, not na gi expect but hoping. Sa ranking sa  Peak, isa ko sa taas. I said to myself na kung ma top then okay. Kung dili, okay ra pod.

What were you doing when the result came out and what was your reaction?

Ivy: Unfortunately, I was just hanging out sa office sa akong papa. I was reading a book then nay nagpost sa Facebook then gi tag lang ko. Then kining PRC na site na dili direcho ga load, di pa nako ma digest sa akong self na topnotcher ko not until I would see my name in the PRC list. My dad was not around. Ang akong kauban was his officemates. So my reaction was grabe ka pigil. Then when I saw my name, I was still in the state of disbelief. When my dad arrived, I started to cry and told him that I topped. At first, he was trying to contain his emotions. Then, when we were inside our car na he was shouting already. Even when I saw my name in the official list of PRC, I was so happy but pigil kaayo. I waited muna to reach home ayha gyud ko nag express sa akong na feel.

Phoebe: Nagtanawa lang ko ug TV when I received a text message from my friend. Iyang una gi text kay “Congrats, gi pasar ka.” Then deep inside, I said “Okay.” Ang sunod dayon na text kay… “Hoy! Top ka!” Of course, I felt excited kay basin tinuod gyud diay. But since I also live outside the city and hinay ang internet connection, nag depend nalang ko sa information na akong gaka receive from my friends. As in one hour after, ayha pa nako na absorb na top gyud diay ko. And ang akong mama nag apil ug lubong pagkahibalo niya so weird kay naghappy-happy siya while naa siya didto. Akong papa was in Davao when he knew about it. Giuli gyud siya just to join us.

What was the preparation like for the board exam?

Ivy: Actually, dili na kaayo siya different sa kadtong giunsa nako pag prepare kadtong college ko during term exams.  The only difference karon kay I am enrolled in a program and there are people that constantly nudge you na mo top lagi ka. Other than that, pareha ra gyud. I studied in my own pace, dili gyud ga cramming. And I have this habit na mag study gyud na layo pa ang exam. One week before the exam, mag happy-happy na ko, maglaag and do whatever that I want.

Phoebe: Ako kay pareha ra gihapon sa college ko. Dili siya na study na banat gyud. In fact, mas daghan pa akong tulog. Once I read a book, dili na nako siya gabasahon balik. Ang akong gisaligan kay mag answer lang ug mga questionnaires.

For NLE, where did you get most of the inputs?

Ivy: I think I got most of the things from lecturers. As in na shock ko kay daghan pa diay ko things na wala nahibal-an. Although moingon ka na dapat review ra man, nganong karon pa man ko nakahibalo ani? Makaingon ko na basin wala ko nagbasa ani before. There were a lot na I learned from the lecturers especially Sir Bonifacio.

Phoebe: Ako siguro, sa lecturers and questionnaires. Ang akong gibanatan kay questionnaires gyud so daghan pod ko nakuha didto for the exam.

Who was your inspiration?

Ivy: Akong papa. My dad is a civil engineer who was a frustrated topnotcher. Sa iyahang time, and that was a long time ago, sure kaayo siya sa iyang performance sa board exam. He expected to top. When the result came out, he immediately looked into the shortlist of topnotchers. But he did not make it. Although he reached his desired rating, but there were few who got higher than him. So na frustrate siya. But it was okay because he had to work that time just to support himself. He even was an agent in a multinational company while having his review classes. And my mom was not able to finish college because she had to work also. So, because I have not experienced what they went through, hayahay man ko karon so might as well make use of the resources na wala nila na enjoy sa una and double time for my studies.

Phoebe: My parents serve as my inspiration. My father has always been very supportive. He does not put a lot pressure on me, as long as I love what I am doing. While my mom is more like encourages me to get higher scores, the higher I get the better. Like me, she is also a nurse.

Where did you hear about Peak Review Center and why did you choose to enrol there?

Ivy: Gakabasa na nako siya sa una but mas naila pa nako siya when nag top akong friend. Top 2 siya then gikan siya ug Peak, so I thought, tsada gyud diay siya na review center. During near graduation, they conducted an orientation. So didto ko nakaila sa ila better.

Phoebe: Tungod sa ilang dako kaayo na tarpaulin dapit sa Xavier then I also learned more about them through the orientation.

What is the most valuable thing that you had learned from Peak Review Center?

Ivy: I’ve learned this from one of the lecturers, Sir Ralph. He said, “if you include your family in your dreams then it will happen, even more.” Dili lang para sa imong self. And daghan kaayo ko techniques na learn that I wished na sana nahibalan nako ni when I was still in college.

Phoebe: “Believe in yourself.” Kadtong college pa ko, dili ko ilado. When I enrolled at Peak and gaka top ko sa mga practice exams, natagaan ko ug importansya. Na realize nako na I also have what it takes. Nakahatag sila ug dugang self esteem sa ako. Then at Peak, happy ang learning. Sa Xavier, everything pushes for excellence so murag seryoso ra kaayo. At Peak, nalingaw ko na ma balance nimo. Although seryoso but dili kaayo stressful.

What is your next move?

Ivy: Nisulod ko ug nursing with the thought na dili siya akong end. Mura siya ug means to an end lang. I really want to be a doctor, ever since. But for now, buhaton sa nako ang tanan nakong gusto buhaton ayha ko mosulod ug med.

Phoebe: Mag med pod ko next school year, hopefully, if maka sulod.

What is your advice to those who want to be topnotchers?

Ivy: Have the proper resources. Bale, if  mo sulod nalang man galing ka ug nursing, mahal man gyud siya na course, sulod nalang gyud sa tsada na nursing school. Then kung mag review ka, sulod nalang sa tsada na review center. A review center that treats you as family, dili lang na para maka produce lang ug topnotcher. They nurture you kay close ka nila. Dili lang for market para ma topnotcher. The concern is really genuine and of course, happy people.

Phoebe: Don’t study hard, study well. Ang uban kay grabe kaayo mag study, walay tulog pero wala ra diay gihapon gisulod sa utok. And of course, prayers.

To whom do you offer your success?

Ivy: First, to God and then the people that surrounds me, my parents and my family as a whole. Then to my friends that I met along the way.  And to all lecturers both from Xavier University and Peak Review Center.

Phoebe: I offer my success to my parents. They have always been there to support me and of course, to Xavier University where I had my four years of learning and then to Peak Review Center because of the undying support that they have shown to me.

Also present were the topnotchers in the December 2012 NLE Dulcenia Guillen Solovores and Kenneth June Logroño. People may think that they are the nerdy type of people who puts no time for fun. Actually, they just know how to manage their time. Ken, for example had a lot of parties and hanged out with friends during his preparation for the nurse licensure examination. While Dulce just made sure that she finished something in a day, not really that she allotted so much time and effort into it. They just balanced their time well and they made sure that when they review, they did not just read but had really assimilated the concepts. They also extracted a lot of inputs and techniques from their Peak lecturers.

Perhaps, what makes Peak Excellence Review Center consistent in producing topnotchers is their approach to their reviewees. They treat everyone as their family. They do not just conduct review, they nourish each student. As Ivy had said, Peak did not just see the potential in her to top the board and be used for marketing purposes only. Peak gave her holistic preparation, provides counselling and honest evaluation, making sure that she is ready physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in taking the licensure examination. Peak is not just a structure or an institution where people go for review classes but they foster a family like environment. That made them distinct from the rest.

From L-R: Phoebe Lagura, Ivy Baya, Marivic Yamit Tabasan (Review Director of Peak Review Center), Kenneth Logroño, and Dulce Solovores

Peak Excellence Training Academy and Review Center… more than just a review center… but a home to every learner.