Litrato: Memoirs of Xavier University

“You have taught us to pay the price, to be men for God and Country….” Sitting on my chair while staring at the lush trees outside, this song was playing in my mind. I realized that I’m in a Throwback Thursday mode, a flashback of my college years….

On a gloomy day of 2010, I decided to take pictures of my dearest Alma Mater. Each photo of the school’s familiar facades represents my memories of this great institution, memories that are both good and bad.

Science Center

My college life started here. It was a rainy day of June 2001 when I had my first class as an Atenean at the Science Center. Oh, I will never forget those large frogs that launched a thousand screams. Yes, it was all about  Biology with Miss Villaluz.

This building also reminds me of my Chemistry classes. I went through three Chemistry subjects; the organic, inorganic, and biochemistry. I really did not hate these subjects, I just hated the class schedules which started at 7 am. And because I live outside the city, I had to leave home before 6 am. But, who cares? Playing with chemicals that almost burned my classmate’s hair had brought a lot of thrill and excitement. I learned a lot from my professors especially Mr. Tarongoy.

XU Gym

Fight! Fight! Blue and White! Go Go Ateneo Sisboombah! Yeah, when I think of the university gym, I think of the intramurals. Cheerdance was something that we really took seriously. I could still recall those three glorious years when my dear College of Nursing grabbed the grand slam championship title of Xavier University Cheer Dance Competition. The glitters, the balloons, the banners and of course, who would forget the College of Engineering that was notorious in making balloons out of condom. Students from all colleges would start to play with these balloons and passed it from one student to another.

Student Activity Center and Aggies Building 

It was in these buildings where we usually made our visual aids for our case presentations and had our endless piles of photocopies that are still in my bed room until now. I also had my toughest subjects here like Medical Surgical Nursing.

Social Science Building

Mrs. Escol’s Sociology class was the most interesting subject I ever had in this building. It taught me the different implications of the things that we see and experience in our society everyday. On the other hand, I also had my first stage play at its Little Theatre. Being a member of the Dulaang Atenista, I somehow extracted the gamut of my artistic endeavors from this club.

The soccer field

This is my favorite spot in the school where I usually spent most of my vacant time. The aesthetic value of an open space like this is something that I appreciate the most. I could think well and at the same time relax. During Xavier Days, this was our favorite “tambayan” with my friends and watch movie or witness the fireworks display.

Commerce Building

This used to be the school canteen during our time. The pancit canton sessions paired with Covacho, oh so priceless.

Engineering Building

The home of the most horrifying subjects… Physics and Math. But neither of these subjects that I had my most terrorizing class at the Engineering Building. It was actually English with Mr. Custodio Bagsican. Don’t you ever come to his class unprepared or else you will never see the light of the day again. Though Mr. Bagsican was a strict disciplinarian, but I learned one important lesson from him. He always started his class with long and short term goals. And this is something that I have applied for the rest of my college years, setting of goals. Ever since, I always made sure that I am prepared with every battle that I encounter. Coming to class empty handed is a mortal sin.

Xavier University… the institution that tested not only my intellectual capacity but my character as well. This school was, is, and will always be a part of me.