Operation “Hapsay Dalan” starts today

Today marks the beginning of the city’s new administration under the leadership of Mayor Oscar S. Moreno. And one of the major changes that is expected to take place today is the implementation of Operation “Hapsay Dalan.” So, what exactly is it all about?

Cagayan de Oro City has been experiencing traffic congestion almost everywhere especially in the downtown area. And to alleviate this condition, Mayor Moreno’s Operation Hapsay Dalan will no longer allow street and sidewalk vendors especially in public markets like Cogon. These vendors will be asked to return inside the public markets and occupy the stalls allotted for them. No unauthorized sign boards and stuffs should be placed on the side of streets.

Also part of the Operation Hapsay Dalan is the proper embarking and disembarking of passengers by public vehicles especially the jeepneys. Apart from that, passengers must also observe traffic light intersections and must cross roads and streets properly.

All these boil down to one goal and that is to lessen the worsening traffic condition in our city. Operation Hapsay Dalan is spearheaded by former CEPALCO Vice President Atty. Jose Edgardo Uy. Together with  him in this campaign are the police and the Roads and Traffic  Administration (RTA).

Based from your observation with the traffic situation today, do you find Operation Hapsay Dalan effective?

Photo by Vincent Tom Udasco