Litrato: Latest Skyline Pictures of CDO

These skyline pictures were taken June 23, 2013. Cagayan de Oro’s high rise strip is gradually being defined, while the other components are still rising. Unfortunately though, the new Tune hotel is covered by Malberry Suites in this capture. In a few months, we may be able to see Centrio Tower rising. (These photos are really large, and might load slow. If it loads though, click on it to zoom. Enjoy sightseeing 🙂 )



Of course, our home grown Paseo del Rio is gaining traction from the construction slowdown. The exteriors are being painted, while the hotel at the back is steadily rising. The river control project, in part of JICA, is progressing. Instead of going around sandbars, they cut directly to the original riverbank walls, thereby reestablishing the actual size of the river, sans silt.



Here is the full skyline view. This is the biggest image, so it will take time to load. Click to zoom if it’s done. Enjoy 🙂

CDO Skyline 6/23