The suicide incident at Centrio had shocked so many Kagayanons here and abroad. And just like other sad incidents that took place in the city such as the recent heist at CEPALCO Carmen, we decided to post it here at Tsadagyud as news. We felt that it was a serious problem that demanded our attention. However, after it was published, we felt disturbed and had ask ourselves… was it really right?

We received different feedbacks. The majority was so interested about it and even shared it with their friends. Where we flattered? No. We were bothered because there were certain few who had expressed their disappointments too. We studied the validity of everybody’s reaction and after an hour of discernment, we decided to remove that post.

The incident reminded us that suicide has remained a taboo in our society. It is not just any other sad story. It is an issue that has to be dealt with extra sensitivity. We also have to think about the friends and family members of that man. And lastly, we recognize that we too from Tsadagyud got affected about the story that we do not want to have that countertransference of unpleasant emotion to our site. We accept our mistake and we take full accountability to it. We would like to ask for an apology for the inconvenience that it may have caused.

Happy weekend Cagayan de Oro!