Precious moments at Lumbia Airport

Tsadagyud pays tribute to Lumbia Airport that has served Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao for decades. This is not just an ordinary airport to Kagayanons. It is a place where happy and sad moments were built.

What is your most unforgettable experience at Lumbia Airport? What will you miss about Lumbia Airport? These are the two questions that I asked to our respondents. Here are their stories…. Unedited and straight from their heart.

Elpidio M. Paras – Businessman, Engineer

My most unforgettable moment at Lumbia was when I had my accident on July 4, 1984 while test flying an ultralight aircraft. The unique Waspair Tomcat experimental plane which had an unorthodox wing configuration had been test flown by me for several days previous. On that fateful day, my bravado and inexperience contributed to the near fatal crash beside the runway. The incident cost me three months recovery in bed after suffering multiple fractures in the rib cage, clavicle, pelvis and spine.

I will miss the convenience of having to leave the house in Gusa just an hour before flight and the fond memories of meeting my future wife who was then a fellow passenger flying to Manila in the 70s.

Vincent Tom Udasco – Freelance Photographer

My most unforgettable moment at Lumbia Airport would be when I was about to enter the airport terminal and my camera bag fell off my shoulder (in it were my 2 camera bodies and 5 lenses). So after I checked in for Cebu flight – it was during Sinulog, I was in the pit of despair when I checked one of my lenses – it could have been broken to pieces. Iwanted to shout in the midst packed departure area. Good thing my lens was intact – only its filter got shattered. Following this relief, I heard that my flight to Cebu was cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions. And lastly i got an interview with GMA’s Isyu Karon Jacky Cabatuan reporter. hahaha
I will miss the Cagayan de Oro marker flanking the runway. I’ve always been fascinated at this marker since I was small.
Gian Marlon LibotColumnist (Sun Star Daily) Reporter (Rappler)
Because my grandparents have a store in Lumbia, as a kid, I would always look forward to airport visits and since naa may viewing area dapit sa store to see the planes take off, I remember watching that and feeling amazed.
What I’ll probably really miss is the convenience. Now it’s relatively farther. And yah I’ll miss the planes that we hear every time they land.
Mary Kristelyn Ann Dumas – Nurse now based in New York City
My most unforgettable moment— I vividly remember I was 6 or 7 my mom flew to Manila then Saudi… And then 5 mi igsuon watching the plane as it takes off… Hilak dyun.. Hihi
I will never forget welcome to cdo man tingali to na naka sulat sa grass, the first thing i noticed the first time I went home from New York to cdo way back 2010. Yup!!! Love Lumbia Airport… Full of good memories…
Denise Karen Hautea – Nurse 
My most unforgettable moment at Lumbia airport was probably the time when, apparently, we were the last passengers supposedly to board the plane. when we arrived in Lumbia, the ground personnel was already calling us to board. And we havent checked-in yet. Most dinali-dali moment in Lumbia nako toh na time hehehe
I’ll miss two things about Lumbia: 1) accessibility, and 2) the cheap terminal fee. Accessibility because Lumbia Airport’s around 15-20mins from where I live. Plus, traffic’s minimal. Cheap terminal fee because I only get to spend P30 for that. LOL
Genee Flores Queppet Neri – Businesswoman
Most unforgettable: back in 2004, flight was delayed and the pilot was telling us we might have to go back to Manila because it was not safe to land anymore… We gave him the face and told him we will miss Christmas if we had to go back. So he said, brace yourselves, let us try and not miss Christmas then, shall we? So he turned and made a daring approach to make it short, we made pero subsub sad among nawong kay grabeh na break and hadlok kay medyo ngit ngit na and short and runway. Dili lang nako itell unsa to na airline ha ehehhe.
What i will miss… the cute airport with the sign, Cagayan de Oro airport MABUHAY! I will miss that sign gyud honestly.
Adrian Carl Sampiano – Analyst now based in Manila 
It wasn’t really an unforgettable moment because I had the grandest time but because one of the airport staff forced all my stuff inside my computer bag before putting it in the scanning area which by the way broke
the zipper and I had to buy a batik bag for my laptop. Wow I couldn’t forget that moment lol.
What will I miss about Lumbia Airport? Probably the over crowded departure area with all the “pasalubongs” being sold with the salesladies offering me to buy their pastels.
Jaysan Ray Chee – Professor (Xavier University)

akong pinaka unforgettable moment kay together with my students na occupy namo halos ang departure area kay gamay ra baya atong airport. Kami ga dominate jud sa departure area

Ma miss nako sa lumbia airport is the fix rate/pakyaw system of taxi! ahahahaha
Ogie Tabasan – Nurse now based in New York City
Most unforgettable- it is under my responsibility as a community health nurse, making sure that the people there receives health programs under the DOH, especially during the outbreak of SARS that we had to monitor all passengers coming in from different places.
I’lll be missing the busy life of the airport when a plane landed on the runway, where families, friends were waiting in the arrival area for their love ones, the smile on there face, the tears that fall down as they saw their family enter the departure area, and the people who work there to serve all the passengers in lumbia airport, the dispatchers of the Van and taxi as they shout and look for their possible customers, the vendors who makes us comfortable as we wait for our love ones.
Josephine Ilogon – Teacher
My first flight to Manila with my youngest daughter was my unforgettable moment at Lumbia airport. It was not my first time to ride in an airplane though. I will miss the green sceneries at the airport especially when the plane starts to take off. I will miss too the foodstuffs which are sold in the different stalls there especially the cashew nuts.
Through the years, this has been the place of goodbyes and hellos. This is where every Kagayanon’s dream started, of seeking greener pasture abroad. This is also where they landed that welcomed them with a huge marker that says WELCOME TO CAGAYAN DE ORO.  This is where families and friends reunited.
This is Lumbia Airport… where precious moments were created.
Featured photo by Vincent Tom Udasco