Tsadagyud hits 100,000 views

Tsadagyud was created not because the founders want the public to take notice of the site. It was primarily made for the world to take notice of Cagayan de Oro.

We love our city that much and we feel that she deserves special attention. Despite the economic success that she has attained, our beloved CDO is still one of the underrated cities in the Philippines. Thus, Tsadagyud was born. We create stories about the City of Golden Friendship. At the same time, we propagate information coming from other highly credible sources to help spread the information to the public.

Yesterday, June 7, who would have thought that we would reach this far. In less than six months since it was formally launched with a brand new site last December 18, 2012 in collaboration of my co-founder, the master IT NinoNins, we have reached 100,000 views! We owe this to the young, dashing, and debonaire photo enthusiasts namely: Angelito P. Abao, Vincent Tom Udasco, Mike Sivintin, Nivramster, Red Archer, Bamboo, Damarre, Gian James Maagad, Jaysan Ray Chee, Miyuki Hikaru, Dr. Joseph Jude Estrosas, Jan Brixx and to all photographers who shared their beautiful shots of Cagayan de Oro. We owe this to our credible sources of information such as Mindanao Gold Star Daily, SunStar Daily, CDODev, Businessmirror, Businessworld, ABS-CBN News, GMA News, and Interaksyon TV 5 to name a few. We owe this to the people who have made Tsadagyud a part of their lives. We owe this to our dear Kagayanons here and abroad who wants nothing but updates of the place they call “home.” And lastly, we owe this to every individual around the world who took time to visit Tsadagyud and see what the “Tsada” City has to offer. To you all, daghang salamat! Thank you so much!

As we continue blogging, rest assured that we will continue with our drive of helping bringing CDO to the world. That brings us to our destination… to our one ultimate dream… a world renowned tsada gyud Cagayan de Oro City.