Pangandoy (Dreams): Tourist-friendly Cagayan de Oro

We all dream of a better place to live. We all aspire to change it so we can enjoy it, or we can invite friends and have a blast. As we walk daily in our city of golden friendship, we can see a lot of things we can improve.
Here at TsadaGyud, we aspire for nothing but the best for Cagayan de Oro. Pangandoy series aims to visualize what our city could become if we Kagay-anons put our heart into making things better. We put it both in writing, and in illustration, for you to enjoy, and hopefully, move you into pushing these dreams to reality.

A tourist friendly City

Cagayan de Oro is already attracting thousands of tourists with our natural beauty. But what if we could make the city friendlier by making our roads safer and easier to follow?


Widely visible and simplified signs can make a lot of difference for a foreign visitor. In connection, while tourists came to relax in the city, the city must also match this mindset by cleaning up, removing clutter, and clearing unnecessary objects. These include over placement of tarpaulins and posters (signs must have their only assigned place, and not placed anywhere randomly), vandalism (a long battle, but if fought right, would really make the city feel safer), crowded “spaghetti” wires (the key is not to eliminate but to organize and reduce wires), random vendors (causing heavy traffic), and trash (seriously, can you just hold that wrapper can until you get to the trash can?).

yacapinvelez 396913_170207939777668_940290257_n 557950_259421910856270_1861319721_n highway


Strolling Spots
Only a few Kagay-anons would stroll in the park these days. Malls are more common go-to places. Would it be nice if we would have a renewed interest in our parks again? If our parks are treated to a more modern feel, would you sit and stay for a while?


Finally, still under parks, we go to the much neglected Gaston Park. If this park is revitalized and given something new to offer, we bet people would go flocking back to this once glorious hangout place.


Imagine a more beautiful water fixture. We can’t help but dream of Gaston Park offering nightly water shows, where the fountains would synchronize to music. Oh! The goosebumps! We would surely love to hear David Foster’s Winter Games (DXCC, anyone?) being played. Who wouldn’t pay to see that? We will, for sure!

gaston upclose
Here’s a reference so you’ll know what we’re talking about. Note that those are dancing fountains. We’re imagining simple jumping fountains to be more realistic 😛

Keep tuned in to TsadaGyud as we offer more Pangandoy stories in the next months! 🙂


Special thanks to mm17, Tom Udasco, and netsource Aye Navarro for the pics 🙂