J.CO Centrio: My own bite of experience

I had few bites of J.CO through my generous friends who brought it as “pasalubong” from Manila. It is not just the taste that defines this donut store but the stories of people who went through a long queue just to have a piece of this celebrity dessert from Indonesia. So, when J.CO opened its first store here in CDO last Friday, I took the chance of experiencing how it feels to be in a crowd waiting for a… donut?

Even before I arrived at Centrio, I already received feedbacks that the line was eternal. Fortunately, my friends were already there waiting for me. I was happy to see that they were almost near the door when I arrived. It was about 6pm so I presumed that by 6:30, we’re done. While in the line, I was observing the people around and got fascinated by their happy faces. It seemed that they were not tired waiting. They were all excited, busy chit-chatting and laughing with their friends and families. Then I looked inside and noticed the crew were all too busy serving customers. But I admired them for they were able to handle their tasks with smiles on their face.

All of a sudden, five people were called to proceed inside including me and my friends. Yes! I thought that was it only to find out that we had to endure another line. But it really did not take that long, let’s say… less than 30 minutes. While waiting, I looked around and noticed that their interior is monopolized by Orange. I could see the sincerity of J.CO of providing comfort to their customers. There are couches, chairs, coffee tables, and even magazines. One could really lounge around in this store for hours but I did not feel that because the place was overly crowded.

When my turn was near, I was a bit bothered seeing only a limited number of donuts left. Lub dub, lub dub. I felt my heart beating faster. Something disturbing was playing in my mind. “What if they don’t have the best sellers anymore? What if they can’t give me the assorted donuts that I want? What if the donuts left are just about two to three flavors only?” I was too paranoid probably because I waited so long.

Finally! It was my turn! There were just about less than 10 donuts left. But the crew who accommodated me clearly said that they were just cooking the donuts and will be served in a few minutes. That allayed my fear. She took my order and so I asked her to have it assorted as long as there are three Alcapone in each box. Alcapone is the signature donut of J.CO filled with white Belgian chocolate topped with toasted almonds. Gladly, the crew granted my request. She gave me my number and instructed me to wait for it to be called. So, I waited for another minutes.

Someone shouted “Nine!” Hey, that was my number! It felt like heaven to finally see my three boxes of donuts. After paying, I was like an excited kid carrying three orange boxes with all smiles on my face! My god, it was like graduation. After the long line and hours of waiting, finally I got to carry my own J.CO donuts. Time check, 8:30 and when I had my first bite… hmm… it was so worth it! At least, the experiences that my friends went through in Manila are now real to me. I could now relate to them.

So, that was my own bite of J.CO mania. What about yours?