Kasikas: MUST Gymnasium Almost Complete

Shown here are some shots of the interiors of the soon to be completed MUST Gymnasium. As mentioned in our previous post, the Gymnasium retains the same seating size, while the basketball boards are fitted with a much better fiber glass design.

gym (1)

Cladding is almost completed for the stage design, while the center scoreboard is installed, though not clear if it is a LED scoreboard or a big screen. The latter would be a delight though UPDATE: an inside source has told us that those screens above are the real deal: 4 flat screen TVs capable of showing scorecards, stats, ads, and videos. 🙂

gym (2) GYM (3)

Here is a latest exterior shot, where the cladding works are complete and the gym entrance roundabout is already clean and ready to be used by guests.


We will keep track with developments around the MUST Campus so keep watch!

Photos by MUST Student FB, and Alfredo Sanchez, Jr.