LARAWAN: My ideal city

Here’s a fresh new angle of Uptown Cagayan de Oro. Somehow, it depicts my ideal city. So, what is my ideal city?

It is a city that has enough space for everything. It has space to build houses and condominiums. It has space for infrastructures like roads, bridges, and hospitals. It has space for school and work. It has space for government agencies, police, and military operations. It has space for malls, hotels, movie houses, museums, and stadiums. It has space for garbage and dump sites. It has space to accommodate transport facilities like airports and bus terminals. And lastly, it has space for recreational parks where trees and all sorts of plants can grow.

Planning my ideal city is not suited for corrupt politicians who do not have permanent friends but only permanent interests. It is also not for citizens who are too dependent and those who do not have any plans to improve their lives. It is a city that does not welcome people who complain a lot but have not contributed or done anything right for the society. And it has no space for those who are insincere; who love to use other people, creating organizations and civil societies but with personal interests at hand.

What makes my ideal city? It requires cooperation of the government, non government organizations, the business and private sectors. It can be materialized by people with coherent vision, men and women who are big dreamers. It entails a lot of planning and organizing, thorough deliberation, and continuous actions. So, cheesy and nearly impossible to achieve?

After all, an ideal is something that just remains in our minds, seen only in pictures, and a promise that is no longer consecrated in today’s society.

Photo by Mm17