Rides to and from Laguindingan Airport, anyone?

The Laguindingan International Airport is scheduled to open at the end of this month. Until now, we are left in the state of limbo. Aside from the absence of navigational facility that could compromise the lives of passengers and limits flights up to 6pm only, it is still not clear to us how to get there. Undeniably, the airport is too far from the city and my concern goes to those who do not have cars and left with no choice but to take public transportation. The status quo is telling us that no clear advisory was made by concerned parties that would guide lost passengers in this seemingly half baked transfer of airport operation. Thus, I posted on Facebook my inquiry with high hopes that someone would shed me some light regarding this concern for I do not have the luxury of time anymore to forward my inquiry to the concerned government agencies. And what I got was the link below which I am not certain yet if it is official. If it is, are we assured that such transportation requirements are strictly complied?