Zoom in: CDO’s urban facelift, what lies ahead?

Fenced lots, cranes, giant tentacles of steel rods, and men in hard hats… these are the common scenes in Cagayan de Oro today. As a Kagayanon, how does it sound to you?

Personally, I find it flattering. Honestly, there’s a different kind feeling that runs through my synapses every time I see construction sites with newly installed perspectives. The once sleepy town is now being transformed into a construction mecca.

The site of the second SM Mall in CDO


But, I have some concerns. Imagine, CM Recto and Lapasan stretch has three malls (Gaisano Mall, Centrio, and Limketkai). And another one coming? SM is set to replace the defunct Coca Cola Plant and will build their second mall in the city. In a busy road that is comparable to EDSA, God Bless Cagayan de Oro!

I commend the LGU for being friendly to investors. But aren’t they too friendly? It could have been better if they did not allow all these investments to invade in one area. It could have been better if these upcoming malls and establishments are distributed in other parts of Cagayan de Oro to provide more growth areas in the city. This is a good way to decongest the hell of a kind traffic scenario in Lapasan and CM Recto. And oh! Before I forget. This busiest road in the city has been transformed into a water world when it rains. Thanks to Bitan-ag Creek that until now has been eye sore and one of the root causes of flood in that area. Are there no concrete plans yet to address this problem?

Yes, the growth of our beloved city is phenomenal. But, we should say yes too to a balanced growth. Developments should not be focused only in one area. And with all these urbanization, we should also anticipate other problems that may arise such as traffic and flood. Let’s be proactive, not reactive.


Photos by Greg Diaz