Kasikas: Ororama Cogon Renovation

A wave of shopping improvements has hit Cagayan de Oro eversince Centrio has opened. Ororama Cogon is currently under a massive renovation work, and the new extension and perhaps new entrance (former location of the Island bank and after six tailoring) is nearing completion:

20130321-144658.jpg 20130321-144713.jpg 20130321-144706.jpg 20130321-144729.jpg

The new entrance will connect directly to the ladies wear section in the second floor and the food court in the first floor:

A new escalator is being added near the JR Borja Entrance (near Jollibee), presumably to add upward and downward access to the second floor. (Previously the escalator only goes upward)


The ceramic floor tiles are gradually being replaced with granite tiles, bringing a more modern feel to the aging store.

20130321-144804.jpg 20130321-144735.jpg

Ororama Cogon, if I am not mistaken, is the oldest department store and supermarket in Cagayan de Oro. Originally from Osmena St., it moved to its current location at Mortola-JR Borja streets. Still built predominantly in wood, it was ravaged by fire in the mid 90s, and was rebuilt a few years after. Now Ororama Cogon is one of the best places for inexpensive grocery and department store shopping.