Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro holds Cake Fest

My sweet tooth had a full satisfaction last March 9 as I attended the Cake Fest of Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro at Mindy’s Restaurant. A wide array of fondant cakes were displayed, all of them were made by students of CIC who were tasked to make and conceptualize their own wedding cakes.

Twelve fondant cakes of different colors and designs were exhibited, all of them were made to perfection. Three cakes were then chosen as winners by the chef instructors of CIC. The winners are as follows:

BEST WEDDING CAKE – Ms. Jing Macapundag Domato The cake shining in Gold, inspired by her Maranao heritage which was detailed with flowers and beads topped with the traditional Maranao umbrella.

Second Place – Shyne Tumanda The autumn inspired cake which comes from the baker’s idea that marriage and love is like an autumn. Time will come that a couple will grow old and fall like leaves in the autumn but the love remains and stays forever.

3rd place – Jericho Emmanuel Dongallo. Marshmallow fondant cake with two pandas on top, bamboo and calla lilly at the side.


The event is something that CIC has been doing since it started. This is an application of what the students learned from their course. Apart from that, this is also CIC’s way of teaching their students how to organize a party which is essential in food business. It was also an opportunity for them to earn as they gave tickets to the audience for 350 pesos only which includes a buffet snack.

Kudos to the students of Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro for a job well done!