Paras says Dahilayan is SAFE

After all these commotions and fears caused by the attack of the New People’s Army last night in Camp Phillips and in other parts of Bukidnon, Tsadagyud called Engr. Elpidio Paras, the owner of Dahilayan Zip Zone. We asked him of the real situation in Dahilayan.

He said that Dahilayan Zip Zone is okay. Although, the park is temporarily closed today due to the clearing operation currently being made by the military. But, the said theme park is planning to resume its operation tomorrow and definitely will be open on weekend. It’s business as usual in Dahilayan. The NPA just passed by Dahilayan and did not attack the place except the militant group took the Barangay Captain as their hostage which was eventually released last night.

So, relax folks! The adventure continues at Dahilayan Zip Zone! Experience the thrill and the fun at Asia’s Longest Dual Zip Line!