The heart to serve

It was a night filled with love. I saw lots of people carrying flowers. The city was so alive with events happening here and there. Malls and restaurants were all filled with couples, families, and friends. As we were on our way home last night, we were delighted to see the huge hearts placed outside the city hall. I went down the car and took picture of them. After checking my shots, I got amazed with the heart in lively red. But, I couldn’t help but notice the historical city hall and the generator in “ube halaya.” Then, questions started to pop in my mind….

Where are our political leaders? How did they celebrate Valentine’s? Did they have lavish dinner? If yes, did they spend their own money? Did they spend it with their loved ones or they spend it with people whom they could use for the upcoming election?

What about those who aspire for political positions? Are they really true to the CHANGE that they promise? Are they different? Are they fresh? Or are they just recycled from the rotten past?

What about the voters? Have they learned their lesson? Are they still going to offer their votes to the highest bidders? Aren’t they tired of the same old corrupt officials who have brought nothing but elephant projects to the community? Do they really care about their kid’s future or do they just care about the money?

All these questions have left me in the state of limbo. But, if there is one thing that is certain in me, I will vote this coming May Election. I will vote in accordance to my principles. I will vote for my country.

Politics is not all about yellow, purple, orange, or green. It is not all about colors. It is not all about the liveliest political jingles. It is not all about the grandest political rallies.

Then, what is politics all about?I looked up to the hearts again. As fast as the speed of light, I got an answer. Just like the heart that pumps blood which runs along the arteries and veins, politics should give life to each member of the community. It brings fairness and equality to all. It should not bring colors. It should be transparent. Politics is for someone who desires nothing but to give himself selflessly to the people. Politics is for the one who has the heart to serve.