Valentine’s Day: The Kagayanon way

Love is in the air. It’s an extra special Thursday as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. The question is, how do we Kagayanons celebrate the most romantic day of the year?

Cathedral’s Flower Shops: The most traditional way of making Valentine’s extra special is giving flowers to loved ones. And here in Cagayan de Oro, people from all walks of life would go to the flower shops outside the Cathedral. Bouquets of different styles and roses of different colors, these would surely make someone blush and smile.

Candlelight Dinner: Another common practice here in Cagayan de Oro is candlelight dinner. For the more sophisticated ones, they would go to hotels and upscale restaurants in Rosario Strip and Ayala Centrio. J.R. Borja Extension and Havelano Square have plenty of good restaurants too! N Hotel, Thai Me Up and Annabel’s Restaurant in Xavier Estates are just few of those that offer dinner buffet. T.G.I. Fridays will serenade everyone with acoustic love songs. Even fast food chains are into candlelight dinner here in CDO. Chowking Divisoria is one of those that I’ve seen doing it. Well, dinner doesn’t have to be lavish to be romantic, right?

Movie houses: After dinner, some couples would go straight to movie houses. It’s a more prudent way for those who aren’t married yet.

Plaza Divisoria: For those who do not have budget for a candlelight dinner, Plaza Divisoria is the place to be. Life could still be sweet with Kwek Kwek and Proven matched with puso. Bring your handkerchiefs boys and wipe your partner’s lips filled with ketchup. Why not? Then, roam around Magsaysay Park while enjoying a cone of swirl.

The Beach: Walking along the beach of Opol or Bonbon while holding each others hands, isn’t it romantic? Then you sit in the sand and look up to the sky with music in the night playing Don Mclean’s Vincent, Star Starry Night….

Gaston Park: It’s the perfect place for dating, dancing, flirting, and cuddling. The fountain at the center of Gaston Park is one of the most romantic spots in the city. Well, it’s free. So, if your pocket is struggling then bring your date here.

Fully booked hotels, motels, and inns: It’s expected. While married couples could actually do it at home, a lot of them would still go to these transient accommodations where amenities are offered like swimming pool and bathtubs. As the tagline of a hotel here in CDO says, have a perfect sleep with your partner in a place that’s “So clean… So good….”

Well, that’s it folks. I hope that you enjoy your Valentine’s Day. If you’re single then spend it with your family, your pets, or have a group date with your friends. I’d like to borrow Bern Jaculan’s words… “Unsaon man nang gugma2x kung gigutom mong duha, diba?!”

Photo by Mike Sivintin