Alegria Hills: A dream come true

Everyone of us is dreaming to build our own mansions surrounded by greenery with a touch of colors from different flowers.

Everyone of us wishes to dip our tired bodies in a breathtaking infinity pool situated in a hillside and savor the taste of a juice while enjoying the sunset.


Everyone of us is trying to find a home,  where one could relax after a whole day stress at the office, away from the noise and busy streets.

Everyone of us is working hard to fulfill that dream.

Well, this is not a dream… This is Alegria Hills. It’s a 200 hectare master planned property in Cagayan de Oro specifically situated in Barangay Indahag. This is Ayala Land Premiere’s one and only project in Mindanao to date.

This place is made specially for those who really work for their dreams….