Air Supply live in CDO

I remember when I was still small, my eldest brother Alex would play Air Supply concert on VHS. Then at night, before I sleep, I hear him play again his cassette of Air Supply songs. Since then, I’ve been accustomed to the rhythm of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock.


“Here I am, playing with those mem’ries again. And just when I thought time would set me free…” This line has been part of me especially during my senti moments. Time and again, their songs has been some sort of a sound track to certain episodes of my life. Laughable and corny, isn’t it? =)


I never thought that I would see them live on stage here in Cagayan de Oro. Thanks to my generous sister for the free ticket! It was one big and lively concert as thousands of people watched the concert at Limketkai Atrium last Friday, November 30, 2012. And I just learned that this isn’t their first time. They had their concert here in CDO sometime in the 90s.


Hearing all their music was such a heart warming experience. The crowd cheered and I was one of those who really shouted expressing my admiration to this band whose music captured my heart. Thank you Air Supply for making me believe that the best part of love is the thinnest slice and that you know when you meet someone special, for you have that faith that’s something you haven’t known before. You rock!