Honest taxi driver returns cellphone

I would like to personally thank the good deed of an honest taxi driver who voluntarily returned my sister’s cellular phone yesterday, November 18, 2012. My sister realized that her phone was missing while she was already strolling in a mall. Using her friend’s phone, she immediately called her number and fortunately Mr. Junee Balaba of Banyuhay Taxi responded and informed my sister that she left her phone in the cab. The driver then proceeded to the mall where my sister was to return the gadget. My sister offered a reward but Mr. Balaba refused.

It actually isn’t the first time that Mr. Balaba has done such commendable act. A passenger left 45 caliber gun and without a second thought returned it to the owner who happens to be a colonel. His simple act of honesty has made a great impact to Cagayan de Oro’s tourism and has uplifted the image of CDO taxi drivers.

In behalf of my family, I would like to thank you Mr. Junee Balaba. Honest people like you are today’s heroes who despite the many temptation around, you have remained true to yourself and to everybody. I salute you!