It’s an A for CDO

Student work hard and burn their midnight candles in order for them to get the most coveted grade, A plus. In other words, having an A in your report card is a reflection of excellence and dedication. It entails exemplary performance.

Having an A is something I could relate to having an “A Mall”. What’s A mall, by the way? Relax, that would be my main subject for today. An “A Mall” for me is the most prestigious developer of malls in the country. They don’t just build malls but they create a world class shopping and dining destination. So, what makes them world class? Well, aside from the fact that they bring international brands to every Filipino, they are also globally recognized such as receiving an award from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). To make it simpler, an “A Mall” has a touch of excellence from marketing to the design of the mall itself. And that “A Mall” that I am referring to is no less than “Ayala Malls.”


I have experienced Ayala Malls in Manila, Cebu, and Davao namely Greenbelt, Glorietta, Trinoma, Market! Market! Ayala Center Cebu, and Abreeza. And one thing that I have observed is that there is always that sense of sophistication. Classy restaurants and bars, upscale retail brands, and an elegant atmosphere… these are the common denominators that define Ayala Malls. But the thing that I really admire with Ayala Malls is their unwavering commitment to Mother Nature. They don’t just build concrete structures but there has always been a seamless touch of nature with lush and green gardens. That makes Ayala Mall an A, that’s why they have always been a dream of every city in the Philippines.


Fortunately, the dream has become a reality in Cagayan de Oro. Ayala Malls brings prestige to Northern Mindanao’s regional capital with the newly opened Centrio Mall. Every Kagayanons takes pride of it that is strongly evidenced by different social networking sites. It was trending in Twitter during its opening day. People from different walks of life have been excited to share their stories of Centrio. You see, everybody have been going gaga about it. The Centrio Garden is its crowning glory surrounded by famous international and local food establishments like Sbarro, TGI Fridays, Italianni’s, Mochiko, Starbucks, J.CO, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, BreadTalk, Bigby’s, Bo’s, Army Navy, and Candy’s, to name a few. It’s vibrant and every establishment is full.


Centrio is also the new destination for fashion. Esprit, Sebago, Sperry, Aeropostale, Mango, the SSI Stores, and many more would surely entice everyone to swipe. Movie goers are also happy to experience Centrio’s Cinemas that represents real entertainment. I heard one surprised foreigner, “Oh, there’s Taters!” I really felt his excitement. I’m afraid that I couldn’t share everything here. It’s boundless and each day is a unique experience.

Image Image

The bottom line is, Centrio is what Ayala Malls is all about. And I am happy that its mere presence alone puts smile to every Kagayanons. For VisMin, only Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro (CDO) have Ayala regional malls. Ayala has surely seen our city that has been experiencing a rapid economic growth with more investments coming which creates employment and opportunities. The tourism industry has flourished. And Kagayanons as a whole are hardworking people who love to shop and dine to enjoy their hard earned money. People from neighboring cities and provinces who come to the city for shopping and leisure have also played a vital role for CDO’s prosperity. Like a student with exemplary performance, CDO is honoured to join the league of Philippine Cities with Ayala Malls. Yes, it’s an A for Cagayan de Oro. As they say, where Ayala goes, everything follows. Cheers!