See you tomorrow… Centrio!

Note: This article was made the day before Centrio’s opening.
See you tomorrow, Centrio!
Photo by Centrio FB Page
Everybody is talking about her. Everybody is excited to see her. Everybody can’t just wait to experience her. Facebook and Twitter, my God, she’s everywhere. Who? Who’s that pretty and trendy woman sitting along CM Recto? She’s none other than Ayala’s newest chic… Centrio!
I am one of the many Kagay-anons who has been monitoring the development of this major Ayala investment in the city in bloom, boom, and blossom. Am I proud? Who isn’t? Modesty aside, having Ayala is like having Hermes. It’s a status symbol, a positive indication that the city has what it takes for an upscale market. I am grateful to ALI for the trust and confidence that it has given to Cagayan de Oro City that is strongly evidenced by its enormous investments here namely Alegria Hills by Ayala Land Premiere, Seda – Ayala Hotel, Avida Centrio, Ayala Technohub, and of course the gorgeous and fashionable Centrio Mall.
Boy, I can’t contain my excitement as this lady brings the best shopping and dining experience here in CDO. Taters, Sbarro, J.Co, TGIF, Italianni’s, Breadtalk, Sebago, Charles Keith, Esprit are just few of the popular international brands that it will showcase to the Kagayanons and Kagayanons at heart. It will also offer stylish and exciting amenities like its carpeted cinemas with the most comf’table seats and kids, yeah, Timezone. Lastly, Centrio has what Ayala Malls is all about. Its commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable living… ladies and gentlemen… the Centrio Garden. Here, family reunites. Here, friends will have their bonding. Here, couples will exchange their sweetest words. Here, children will laugh and play. Yes, it’s going to be a different kind of experience, uniquely the Centrio way.
So, brace yourselves Kagayanons as Ayala brings our shopping and dining experience to a whole new level. It is going to be a date with her. It is going to be one sleep away. Oh Centrio, see you tomorrow!